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New Camp (John's Camp) 

Wilson Creek , NC.

Jan 19, 2001

Left Statesville about 11:00 on Friday.  The Forecast was Rain and more Rain for most of Friday and Saturday..  

Our First stop was to acquire some pallets from a local company.  Our goal was to be able to burn these for firewood. Our second was for Gas, then beverages, another at K-Mart in Morganton and then to another grocery store.  I didn't think that we were ever going to stop shopping.  At one of these stops we picked up Morris.  We decided to stop at Bojangels were we picked up Arlie and Corry.  During Lunch it just poured.  We were not in any hurry to get to camp.  We thought that maybe it would let up.  It didn't. 

We decided to depart this fine eating establishment in search of a camp site.  It poured the whole way up to Wilson Creek.  Once at camp our first goal was to get Arlie's 15'x30' Tarp up.  This would be home for the next couple of days.  We fought the rain to get this up and with a little ingenuity we were able to get a fire going with wet wood in all of this wet mess.  You have to remember that we are great Manly Men and we can sometimes perform the unusual.   

The two new brother-in laws showed up, Sandor and Clark, followed soon by Greg Price and Dale Hood.  The other Elder Bill Able and his family could not brave the rain and stayed home.  Cameron and his dad made it a second year.

Saturday morning Lee fixed his now famous Deer Sausage that he gets prepared in New York.  When he is fixing this stuff everyone is standing around with their forks waiting for the word.  After breakfast we wanted to check out the damage that this past summer's fire brought to Linville Gorge.



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