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For over 300 years, ceremonial pipes have been prized by all the American Indians.  Many legends relate the supernatural origin of the first pipe -  a gift from the gods.  The bowl was the altar, and heavens.  Discussions were observed with dignity, treaties arranged, lands acquired, wars begun and terminated over a peace pipe.

The peacepipe symbolizes the unity of all man, without prejudice to any race.  The four beads represent the four colors of man, the Red Man, Black Man, The White Man, The Asian Man.  The hawk feather represents our messages being sent being sent from the Great One.  On the bottom of our pipe are the initials AMMWCT which were carved by the creator of the pipe.

The Pipe is designed to be stored as two pieces when not being smoked.  When the two pieces are connected the pipe becomes a sacred ceremonial piece.  When the pipe is finished being smoked, it is to be separated, to become just two pieces.

Many Native Americans smoke the sacred sage.  Sage is to ward off all negative and bad spirits.  The sage when smoked purifies the body of these bad elements.

The pipe is to be smoked to celebrate peace, or when a Elders decision has been accepted.  The stem and the antler bowl are both is stored in there own leather sheaths.


The first time that this pipe was use was January 19, 2002 during the acceptance of Corry Fox as Elder, Morris Abercrombie as Jr. Elder and Chris Ritter as Jr. Elder.




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Last modified: January 20, 2010