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Through the years we have seen some unusual items brought to a winter camping trip.  Maybe at the time they did not seem so unusual and sometimes they were down right outrageous. In fact the more we do this more outrageous folks try to get.  I will will try to create a list of things that I can remember were brought, who brought them  and the year that they may have appeared


Who Brought it

What year it appeared
Chain saw Jim Campbell 1983
Champagne Lee 1987
After Dinner Mints Lee 1987
A sterno Stove for cooking Harold 1987
Red Farmer Body Long Johns' w/Flap Harold 1987
Dutch Ovens Jim 1988
Laser Tag Guns Jim 1988
Chocolate Pie Arlie 1989
Real Gun Raymond 1990
Hurricanes from Pat O'Brian's Bubba 1990
Teflon Coated Frying Pan Bubba 1990
Ceremonial Shot Glass Everyone 1991
Trailer Arlie and Preston 1993
Deep Fryer Bill Abel 1993
Keg of Beer Super Dave 1993
RV Camper Arlie and Preston Brewer 1995
Swivel Grill 5'x3' Greg Price 1995
A Kitchen Sink for Greg's Condo Greg Price and Mark Martin 1996
A Full size Bar B-Que Cooker(see pic) Greg Price 1996
Clay Pigeons for Target Practice Arlie Brewer 1996
Many Different Types of Guns Almost everyone 1996
New T-Shirts for everyone Elders 1996
Condo Tent Greg and Mark 1996
Shop Heater Mark Martin 1996
Double Bed Lee Head 2002
Peace Pipe Elders 2002
Indian Feathers Elders 2002
Champagne Elders 2002
Compute, Projector, Jam Box, screen and generator Team of people for the 20 year show 2003
Toilet Seat (it was a lifesaver) Greg Price 2003
Camp Kitchen Center  Arlie Brewer 2003


Jim Cambell 2004
Keg of Beer Hickory Jaycee's 2004
Pop Up Camper Hickory Jaycee's 2004
Pop Up Image of Mark Martin Elders 2005
Dresses Elders  for Dan Sweeney & Ken Massingil 2005

Kitchen Table

Lee 2005
Bike Jim 2006
Dutch Ovens Elders 2006
Load of Wood Someone from Old Fort 2006
We had a Port-a-Potty BRHA 2007
Utility Trailor Cameron camped in it 2007




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