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It's New! It's New!

        27 Year Plans are Happening now: News on 2010 Winter Camping Trip

Coming on Saturday. "The 1st Annual Manly Man Winter Olympics"

(updated 1/12/2010)


Winter Camping at it's Best

We are Too Bold To Be Cold!!


Posted Jan 12, 2010

Annual Manly Man Winter Olympics

This year we have something new coming thanks to Radar.  We are going to have the Manly Man Winter Olympics.  This will be about 4 teams that the Elders will decide.  It will consist of a few Manly Events that will that greatly sought after prizes are awarded.  Some of the events will include:

2 Man Log Toss, 1 Man Rock Toss, Sling Shot Beer can Shooting, 3 man Fireman Carry Relay and Team Tug-of-War to name a few.  We have some great ones that we don't want to reveal yet.   We are still working on the logistics.  If you have an idea let me know as soon as possible.  We are working on some great prizes and the teams will be divided up evenly. 

Teams are currently set up like this:

Team 1    Name =
  Lee Head                        Elder
  Morris Abercrombie      Jr Elder
  Preston Brewer
  Sammy Thigpin
  Phillip Lewis
  (Raleigh) Brent
  Ron Stark
  Jay Royster
Team 2  Name =
  Bubba                            Elder
  Bill Abel Jr                      Elder
  Richard Lewis
  (Raleigh) Chris
  Nick Yount
  Tommy's Friend
Team 3    Name =
  Corry Fox                       Elder
  Clark Ireland                Jr Elder
  (Raleigh) Marty
  (Raleigh) Joe
  (Raleigh) Marty
  Bill Abel Sr
  Keith Nederwald
  Ronnie's Son
Team 4   Name =
  Raymoned Lewis             Elder
  Mike Campbell
  Kirk Sherrill
  (Raleigh) Zack
  Lee Marlow
  Harold Yount
  Ronnie Robinson

Olympic Celebration Meal

An Olympic size Meal

The Menu is set for Saturday Night.  According to Richard Lewis the "Men In Tights" from Raleigh will be doing the dinner this year.  It will consist of the following:

1. Pork Tenderloin rolled in a wonderful blend of Manly Man Spices and deep fried in Peanut oil for about 30 minutes.  This creation will come from Marty

2. A medley of stewed Vegetables cooked to perfection by Zack.

3. A heart warming bowl of Chili from the culinary arts of Joe.

4. Hand picked and formed to rise to perfection Dinner Rolls by Richard.  He will work hard on these.

5. Correctly seasoned Cow Meat cut into cubes and placed on sticks along with Fresh Atlantic King Shrimp. Slow cooked over a bed of coals and served to your delight.

Manly Man BBQ and Dunkin Sauce will also be available for your enjoyment.

Ok enough about Saturday's menu.  We have bout 35 people that will make it there this year.  Arlie and Preston did a recon trip this past Sunday.  Be prepared for some packed ice going down the hill from 181.  The areas sheltered by shade have not melted.  The area at the bottom of the hill just before the bridge is the worst.  Arlie made it in two-wheel drive to to make sure that others  could also make in two-wheeled drive vehicles.  Don't do anything crazy and you should not have a problem.  Fireword is lined up but if anyone has some wood, please bring it with you.  If someone has questions please let me know.

Temps for the weekend look like Hi's in the mid 50's and lows @ night in the low 30's.  Should be a great weekend.

 Posted Jan 07, 2010

Year # 27 is fast approaching

Corry and Morris, you guys need to put on some clothes.

OK Ok Ok.  I know that it has been two years since I last updated the site.  I'm not getting old I just have a lot to do.

Here we are just days away and it is sub freezing weather outside.  I reviewed the 10 day forecast for next week and this is what it looks like.

As of Thursday Jan 7, 2009 The forecast for the Manly Man Weekend is

Jan 14  Hi 44, Low 31:     Chance of Snow 40%

Jan 15  Hi 44, Low 41:     Chance of Snow 30%

Jan 16  Hi 43, Low 33:     Chance of Snow 40%

Let's see how accurate this forecast is.

Bubba, It's time again for you to  Dig a Pit.  We missed you for 2 years now.

Now that I am back on line with the website, I hope to update the past two years real soon.

I'm slack and I know it.   Here it is just less than ten days away until our 27th year of camping, I had better get in gear.  Here is what we know so far about our 2010 Annual Manly Man Winter Camping Trip. 

Arlie will be trailer trash again this year.  Lee, Sammy and myself will join the ranks of the Trailer Trash.  (Lee, I am NOT complaining, just making a statement of fact)

The dates are, as always, set for the 3rd full weekend in January.    Raymond  came up with this idea in a full stupor so many years ago we can't  remember when.   This year because Jan 1 was on Friday we are a little early.  Ray and Corry are coming up as partners. Not it that way either.

The dates are set for (drum roll please)......... Jan 15 through Jan 17th.    Bill don't miss this year.   As an Elder you have been gone for four years.  Let's not make it five.

Richard and the guys from Raleigh are doing the dinner on Saturday night.  They are currently planning the menu and it looks like we may have deep fried turkeys along with a couple of sides.

Cameron is working on getting us secured with firewood.  That is a big relief.

The cost is $20 per person if you notify us my Tuesday Jan 12 2010.

After Tuesday or if you just show up on Friday or Saturday it's $25.

No T-Shirt are going to be made this year.  No one stepped up to offer to take this task

It is open camp this year so if you want to bring someone new this year, that would be fine.   

The cost per person includes Saturday evening meal and the firewood.  If you have any questions get in touch with one of us.

Remember that the group purchased Dutch ovens  and if you want to cook in them all you have to do is say the word. 

Arlie you are my Hero.


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