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Looking Glass Falls /Graveyard Trails

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In 1987 Lee and I embark on a trip to a place the he and Mark Colson attempted to speed a week exploring.   On there trip in the Summer they packed up the car with cases of canned food.  Among other heavy pieces of camping equipment.  It started raining on Sunday evening.  By Tuesday they came rolling back in. Said they could not stand the rain and wanted to come home.  I have not let them forget about it.

On this trip Lee and I took Oreo my black Lab.  As you can see the creek in behind us is frozen.  Just to the right of Lee is a spot in the creek that was not frozen over.  Lee feel into and got wet.  He blame me and says that I pushed him in.  Excerpts from our journal is below.


 This is a picture of the three of us as we are waiting for our dinner to finish cooking.  Oreo is excited about getting to eat with us.





2Odegrees  Friday night

The day got off to a slow start  Jimmy had to back home 3 or 4 times before we finally got on the road.  The drive was pretty nice.  It took us about 2 hours to get here.  When we start down the trail we get to the bottom where we have to cross the creek and Jimmy pushes me in the icy creek water.  I wind up getting my boots and socks all wet.   Lee Head

That is not true!  I did not push Lee in the creek.  I don't care what he said.  I was following him.  Besides I got wetter because he grabs me and pull me in with him. 

Oreo is laying beside us and enjoying the fire that we have.  I believe that she is snoring .  Of by the way Lee, do you call that a tent  It looks more like an overgrown dog house.  I don't know how both of use are going to fit in that thing.  We are cooking Beef Stew for dinner  Jim Campbell


Saturday 2:30pm

We are atop a ridge that we have named Harry Navel Ridge.  The meal that we had last night, Beef Stew with Bird's Eye Veg., Cajun Spices, Onions and Ground Sausage are have an ill effect on Lee. 

The Waterfall up here was real pretty.  They were frozen over so I had to take extra care that Lee did not pull me into the water again.  Jim Campbell



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