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 Wilson Creek , NC.

1st year at the Dead End Road.

Hi Ho' Hi Ho' Another camping trip we go.  Friday Jan 20, 1995, I'm at Jimmy's and everything was going fine until I cracked my head, but it is okay know. We are currently setting up camp.                     Lee Head

Yes here we are again in Wilson Creek, only this time thanks to a couple of new comers we appear to have found a new home for the Winter Trip.  Mark Martin and Greg Price brought Arlie,  Preston and myself up here a week ago to check out the area.  This is a fantastic location for our group.  We are at the end of an isolated Dead End Road.

Lee got a new tent this past summer.  We seem to be having trouble getting the thing setup.  I finally had to ask him, after an hour of trying "how many times have you set this tent up Lee?"  He said "Counting today? Once"  And, onto of that he forgot his instructions. Another hour later and the tent is finally setup.  

Every year our trip draws more people from more places.  This year our Virgin Campers include Mark Gaither, Jay Mscho, Bill Abel Sr.  Along with veteran Happy Campers new comers Mark M. and Greg P.  In all we have over 20 people.  We did have someone that sort of adopted us from the beginning.  His name was John from "Gas't on ya" (Gastonia NC)  While we were setting up camp John sorta appeared and everyone thought that he was someone else's guest.  Come to find out that he was camped down the road about a mile and he had seen all the cars come through.  He was in is 3rd week camping out here.  According to John he came with two other guys who left him and went back home.  John appeared somewhat strange.  We all decided that John was just 1 week lonely for people.  Later in the evening a small group of us went to check out John at his campsite.  

When we arrived at John's camp we found him sitting on the edge of a big hole he had dug with a fire inside of it.  He had either brought or found pieces of a tin roof and had placed these over the top of the hole.  This cause the fire with the tin roof to act as a stove so to speak.  Inside he had and old, old pot that he was heating beans in.  John was a highly unusual kind of guy.

This year Arlie and Preston brought a different camper.  An RV.  We all decided that they both really wanted to rough it this year.  Derk came up from Texas, of course the guys from Raleigh that came last year except Mario.  Alex has been preaching to us about burning logs in half again.  I guess we will learn some day.  

On Saturday Bill fixed Deer Roast for everyone (in the ground, it was like having a Lou-ala.   John came to visit a lot on Saturday.  He would go from person to person.  At some point in the evening he had really attached himself to Bill Abel Jr. and Bill finally told him that he need to go to his own campsite and tend to his fire.  Also last night Corry was celebrating something, I don't know what, but when he was over it was like turning off a light. Bang he's out.

It was a great trip and this part of the Wilson Creek will be visited many more times in the coming years.



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