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360 degree view from the top of Table Rock

Pictures and Stories from


               Wilson Creek Gorge, NC.

Friday Jan 16, 2004      3:00am

What ever you would like to call it you can.  We call it the Annual Manly Man Winter Camping Trip.  The Elders came up a day early for the Elder evening of fellowship, the elder meeting and  elder dinner. One of our own Bill Abel Jr. did not make it so Sandor is our chief for the evening.  We had broiled & Fried Shrimp along with Port Tenderloin, steamed potatoes and broccoli.  After that we had time around the campfire to discuss various issues.  Some of the things that were discussed and voted on were:

    1. After this year, NO new people for the next two years.

    2. Chris Ritter is no longer a Jr. Elder.  We have not heard from him for over two years.

    3.  If you want to find out something about the winter camping trip you are going to have to come to the AMMWCT web pages.  No mass e-mail next year.

    4.  We will have a new place to camp next year.

Later in the evening I pulled out an old Stoner Hour Tape and really surprised Ray.  When he heard the words "My name is Captain Puff and I am about to take my first drink of the evening" he though he was hearing things.  If you are interesting in learning more about this game please send me an e-mail.   At some point in the evening I suggested to various people that they should move there car out of the campsite.  As the step-child that I am, I was just brushed off.  This will be important for the tale that is told later.

This year the elders setup in a whole new place.  All of us set-up an Elder camp under the leaning tree.  It has been leaning for years so we feel like we will be safe for one weekend.  

As I am laying here between two tents of great snorers I feel that Bubba is reigning king of snore.    In the still of the night with no sound except the sound of the creek, Bubba is heard over all.

Saturday Jan 17        12:30am

Well, I learned this morning when I woke up that the mack-daddy snorer was Corry.  I don't know how the rest of them could sleep.  After we got motivated  this morning, Ray, Lee, Jay and myself set out in search of a new place to camp next year.  Our destination is Curtis Creek Campground.  We have been at Wilson Creek for quite a few years and it would be wonderful to find some new hunting ground.

The group started arriving early in the day with Harold the first to arrive followed by many others throughout the day.  Roman brought about 6 or seven guys from the Hickory Jaycees.  Guys like Fred Brown that after drinking all night spoke a foreign language.  At one point in the evening he tipped Arlie and Clark's Steaks off of the grill.  That is when all of his buddies decided that it was time for bed for him.  Then there was Kasey the Firewalker.  He loved to just walk right through the middle of the fire.  Then there were guys like Bruce Hayden from LR College and many other great guys like Jeff Godkin,  Tim Greene, Greg Pena, Eric Kreag and many more.  These were some real friendly guy and worked in well with the rest of us red-necks.  They even brought their own Keg and A big old POP-UP CAMPER.  All of us old timers got a laugh out of the popup camper.  Of course we have seen Arlie bring some weird things throughout the years.  Speaking of weird I took a Headboard this year.  My intentions were to burn it as soon as I got to camp.  But because of the grief everyone was giving me when I unloaded it I said that I just thought that I would bring something bizarre for the campout.

It being past 12:30 and everyone is wide awake and going strong.  This year Danny  (Pass-out guy) is taking advantage of Ronnie Robinson (Radar).   The thing to remember is never drink so much that you can't stop someone from having a little fun with you.  Danny is paying Ronnie back for last year (see the 2003 pictures).

And know the final tale for the night.  Remember my suggestion from Thursday night about moving the cars out of the campsite.  Well, we had a visit from the local Park Ranger.   This guy appears at the main campfire and first catches someone with a beer that should not have a beer.  One thing leads to another and we have multiply tickets for this one guy.  Then, he request the license from the owner of every vehicle that is parked in the camp.  He proceeds to write each one two tickets, one for parking in the campsite and a second one for the destruction of vegetation.  The total $100 per ticket for a total of $200 to each person.  It was not pretty.  Arlie, Roman, Cameron, Clark, Ronnie, Philip, Morris and Tim Hollar all got a ticket.  To some degree this put a damper on the evening.  Later we will find out what some of the repercussion are for some of our campers.


As seen through the eyes of other happy campers

Saturday morning about 9:30am

Good Morning, Harold here.  Last nights incident with the ranger just fueled the notion of "We need to drink ourselves into a deep stupor."  Well, needless to say there are a few happy campers that are a little more hung-over this morning or sick or both.  Ray has ruined the site.   Ray is hurtin right about now.   In fact he may have ruined this site and we will have to have a new site next year.  Last night was a blast with a lot of old and new friends getting together.    Harold Yount.

Way back when you used to camp beside Wilson Creek he had a rock that he named spewing rock.  We now have one named at the Dead-End road called Spewing Log.  Jay Royster

When I got up this morning and Raymond came dragging himself out to the fire I have not laughed so hard in a long time.  He has given up drinking for a long time.  He was reminding himself as to one of the reasons that he had stopped drinking.  It was so funny, he got a couple of old Army wool blankets, went up into the woods and laid down.  Using a log as a pillow it was quite a funny site.

And know lets take a moment and hear from Raymond himself after having 6 to 8 hours to recover.

What a campout.  Saturday night is not yet here and I have the first hangover that I have had in eight years, $200 in parking fees and Richard has  $350 in "Miscellaneous Expenses".  It was great having a night just for the Elders.  Almost like old times,  Bubba is still Bubba, Arlie is still mellow, Jimmy is still a mother hen,  Lee is still set in his ways.  Jim brought a headboard for his bed in the circus tent he and Lee are sharing... things sure have changed since we first started coming.  Everything seemed so much simpler.  Richard and Philip are with me again this year.  This is one of the last things we still share and can leave the day-to-day BS behind and have some fun just hanging out.  Harold is back this year.  Dale showed up late but it was good he made it. Jay rode up with me and seems to be enjoying himself as usual.  Cory is cooking the evening meal and supervising Bubba.  Mark Martin couldn't be here this year and was greatly missed.  I will keep him and all of our brothers in my thoughts and prayers            Raymond 'Spewing Log' Lewis

Back to Jim to sum up the weekend

Well on Saturday night we had a group meeting with everybody in attendance.  We had 33 guys that showed up for this years event.  For the next two years we will not allow any new campers to join us only those that have been before.  We also informed everyone that we will find a new place for next year.    This year we had different apparel items to choose from.  Cameron did a Short-sleeve and Long-sleeve T-shirt and a Bandana.  Lee did a Denim Shirt.  Everything was great.  Bubba, Arlie and Cory did a group meal of Bar-B-Que, stewed potatoes and baked beans for everyone.  It was well received.  We had beautiful weather Thursday, Friday and most of Saturday.  It started raining about 5:00 on Saturday, but that was ok because we were prepared.  On Sunday everyone went home to watch the big game.  The Panthers against the Eagles for the NFC championship.  The Panthers won 14-3 and it's on to the Super Bowl. 






Until next year, I pray that God will shine his glory upon your life.



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