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  BRHA (BlueRidge Horseman's Assoc)

This is our 25th Year Celebration

As the Webmaster I have the liberty to embellish the  story just a little bit to clarify the intent, or to put someone else in a more hilarious position.  Trust me you won't know when it happens you just have to trust me that I get the last word in.

To set the stage for this year, the reader must understand that we have been doing this for 25 years know.   As we reflect back on our time it was great.  We are all getting a lot more mellow through the years.  Everyone else is getting old.  I'm still 32.  Have been for some time know.

January 17, 2008         

As seen in the perspective of Lee Head.

It's late again.  It was my fault.  I just can't seem to get my act together sometimes.  But that's OK.  I'm older than Jim and I just can't keep up.  It was a challenge to set the tent up tonight.  Jimmy's not much help.  He likes to float around camp to see what everyone else is doing or sometimes he will spend to much time with the trailer trash.  Just how many campsites have you seen with a Hotdog stand, Hotel on wheels with a built in kitchen.  That's Morris for you.  All we need is a little circus music and we will be set with his hotdog stand. 

It is starting to snow again, but who cares.  Jim pulled out a slide show for us all to watch tonight.  Did something special for our 25th year.   It's a small group tonight but I expect a bunch to arrive on Friday.

 My perspective

 Thursday Evening Elder Pow Wow

Attendance:    Raymond, Jim, Lee, Bubba, Corry, Arlie

It as been three years since Bill Jr. has been camping with us.  Brian has been gone for 4 years.  Bill is on probation.  Shhhh.  Corry & Bubba will call him and tell him that he is on "double secret probation."

Preston and Arlie did our meal tonight.  This was Preston's first year back in 10 years or more.  So he decided to cook for the Elders.  They called it "Coqau Bin" what ever that means, something like Chicken and Wine.  We had a late guest.  Drunk Bubba showed up.  He is know talking in third person is if he is not careful he will trip over his own bottom lip.  Someone asked him again "How did you get the name Bubba"  Picture Bubba Gump from the movie Forrest Gump.   Yeah! that's it.

Bubba quotes " Bubba survives because Bubba has a thick hull and a small seed."  Not sure what he is trying to convey.  2nd quote.  "Bubba admits when Bubba is right. But no one has said that Bubba's right yet"

In the morning Corry will get up and tell the story about how he and Bubba shared the Bed in the Motor Home and how it shook all night long.  Just to set the story straight, Bubba shakes his foot even in his sleep.  The way Corry tells it.    "At some point in the wee small hours of the morning Bubba had to pee.  The only way to get out of the bed was to crawl over Corry.  Corry woke up staring Bubba down and smelling his stinky breath as he was franticly trying to keep from peeing in his sleeping bag."

On Friday night Radar showed up.  Have not seen him in years.  He also brought the "Radar Maker" (his dad).  Bill Jr. could not make it but his dad sure showed up.  We were glad to see him.  Bubba has rubbed off on us and everyone is talking in third person.   Doesn't Jim do a good job  re-living these stories.

Written by an unknown Happy Camper

Today was absolutely beautiful.  The threat of snow hung along the valley all day long.  We only saw a few snowflakes all day long.  Everywhere else around us it must have snowed a great deal.  This morning Arlie made an exquisite breakfast soufflé.  People are busied themselves in various ways today.  Some went mountain biking, some checking out Jonas Ridge and yet others just staying around the fire and tending to the camp.

The group dinner was fantastic tonight.  We had a large grill and cooked 36 chicken halves for everyone.  Seasoned in "Manly Man Dry Butt Rub" and dunked in "Manly Man BBQ and Dunkin Sauce" they were great.  Jim and Clark did the honors of cooking this year and others pitched in to support.  Dinner included baked potatoes, corn on the cob bread.  Yum Yum.  For desert Jim fixed an apple cobbler. 

We brought a projector, a generator, a sound system and a computer camping with us.   The last slideshow we had was 5 years ago.  Jim updated the show with pictures and we had a little 25th Anniversary show.  It was about 1 hour long but everyone was mesmerized.  By the time it was over our fire was a pool of red hot embers.  Time to stoke the fire and tells some lies.  Lets see who is first.  Oh here comes Ray.


Ray here,  we started Wednesday off by getting off around 8am and spend the entire day planning for the trip and delivery firewood before the snow comes.  At 11:00pm Wednesday night snot hit.  Arlie & part of the gang brought the motor home up about 1:30 Thursday morning.  For the start of the day the snow and sleet continued.  I left about 3:30 am and it took me 3.5 miles to travel about 40 miles due to the snow.  What a great way to start the weekend. 

At the Elders meeting on Thursday nigh the elders met and established that I will help do stuff, but if I am responsible for something I will be told BEFORE I reach a diminished level of consciousness.  Not longer after Drunk-Bubba appeared.  Bubba campaigned for & was over-whelming elected as the most stupid person.  He was very convincing.  Jim is doing well and spent a lot of time on a slide show for everyone.  We will show it on Saturday night but previewed it tonight. 

Things to remember:

Drunk Bubba stormed off!

Radar promises his love

Rocks don’t burn, they explode.

The Hot Dog Stand.


            Bubba Knows When Bubba is Right

            Bubba staggers & sways Into the Night

                Bubba Knows that Bubba’s Stupid


Ok I'm through babbling.   Ray Lewis


Ok let me have the book, it's my turn

25th Anniversary!  Came in on Friday afternoon with Bobby.  Brought my camper up possibly breaking the rules but what the heck.  Took Jim on his 1st mountain bike ride today.   We did the trail 21 Jump Street, School House and Mortimer Campground.  He took a couple of spills.  But don't worry I got the best one on video ha ha ha, but all in all he did good.  The group enjoyed the video and the slideshow this evening after a great meal.  We all laughed hard.

Dinners was Chicken halves cooked with the "Manly Man Dry Butt Rub", Baked Potatos, Corn on the Cobb, Cake and Apple Cobbler.


The video took in the last 24 years of camping.  It was great and everyone enjoyed it.  Looking forward to next year. 


Cameron Fraser aka Ducktape.



Summing up the weekend.


We had a some new faces this year.  Most notable Radar's dad "The Radar Maker".  Clark brought the Charcoal cooker up in the back of a big trailer.  Lee had a big banner made for the 25th year.  He did a good job on that.  This year a new term cropped up,  Trailer Trash.  means anyone that brings a camper, motor home or a pull behind camper.  This makes you trailer trash if you sleep there.



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