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Grayson Highland State Park, VA.

It started out as 6 people in two cars.  Lee and I in one car and Harold Y. Arlie Brewer, Super Dave Snyder and Sandor "Bubba" McSwaim in another.  And it happened somewhere in Wilkesboro.  We got separated.  They were not real sure where they were going.  At this point I did not think that I would see them again until I got back home to Statesville on Sunday.  On the ride up Lee and I stopped off at Moonshine Inn.  It has a fantastic view of the mountains above Wilkesboro.  While there Lee decides that he is going to buy his wife this small pair of black leather thong underwear.  On the front of them they are embroidered with the logo for the Moonshine Inn.

We arrive at the trail head about 8:15 and with a 45 minute night hike we arrive at our first camp about 9:00pm.  It is cold and Lee gets our fire going real soon.  We will have to set up camp by what little light we have.  The other guys have Saturday dinner so Lee and I are a little worried about what we are going to do for dinner.   At one point in the evening we thought that the other guys had found us.  About 3 hikers passed through about 11:00pm.  As I am continuing to write about the adventures of the day I hear someone else on the trail and then all of a sudden someone hollers out  "You better be writing your Obituary"  Hey the guys did make it after all.  I guess Lee and I will have supper after all on Saturday night.  Of course they were not to happy with us but I guess they will get over it.

On Saturday our day started about 8:00am with Lee the Fireman getting a fire going to warm our bones.

   After we broke camp we were off to Massy Gap and then onto Rhoderdean  Gap then on to Scales were we searched and searched for water.  After we finally found water we headed off to Second Peak, a portion of the AT and then a side trip to Mount Rogers

   After our Side trip to Mount Rogers it was time to search for a place to setup camp.  As you can see from this pictures and the big picture above this area is like a big Tundra with big open spaces and not a lot of woods to offer any shelter from the winds.  The area is absolutely beautiful and is home to many free roaming wild ponies.

Dave found us an awesome campsite off of the trail.  We spent our last night up here with a wonderful sunset as seen below.  On Sunday our trip ended with some chocolate pie that Arlie's mom made for us and a cold beer.

I think by the end of the weekend everyone had forgot that they had gotten lost earlier.


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