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Doughton Park map


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Our Second Trip

Doughton Park NC.


Since we did not get to make it to the Cabin 4 miles up the trail we made a second attempt at it later in the year.  On this trip I took what I believe are some first time campers.   We had Harold Yount attempting to redeem himself from his last visit here, Mike Campbell, Robert Mitchell, Mark Pemperton, Cory Fox, Wahoo, Mike Hartness, Sandor (Bubba) McSwaim, Bill Abel and this was my dog Max first camping trip.

It is quite funny around the campfire.  It almost sounds like Blazing Saddles, if you know what I mean.  Just remember that Harold is around.  Mike was in bed at 10:05pm.  Sounds a lot like Lee Head. 

Most of the guys came up on Friday night.  While up here they experienced one heck of a rain storm on Friday night.  I drove up about 7:00am.  I stopped along the way and got a picture of this barn after the storm just had broken apart.   It is a beautiful picture.


 When I got up here, I found that they had to make a second trip back to the cars to get the Dutch ovens. I was to cook for everyone on Saturday night.  We had my famous Bar-B-Q Chicken in a Carolina Treat Sauce, along with a Broccoli Casserole and Peach Cobbler, all cooked in Dutch ovens.  You can see a very young looking Bubba and Cory.

Along the trail we came across a swing that everyone had a lot of fun on.






We had lunch at the Cabin. 

Later I went up to the top of the mountain and I got a picture looking down at the cabin.  This gives you a good idea as to were we were. 

  Also from the top you can get a view of the area that we covered to get to this place.  Way off in the far distant valley is were we hiked from.   


Back at camp

  You can tell this was a long time ago from the look of the tent.



   A picture of Wahoo.




   This is a young Bill Abel.  He stayed up on Saturday night after everyone went to bed so that he could tell of the story of a great Indian Chief.  Some Chief with a name that is part of the male anatomy. 




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