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The Sunkin Jeep Story


Sandy and I had just bought a brand new Jeep and we had about 800 miles on it.  Harold and I wanted to make a trip to Wilson Creek to check out a new campsite.  Harold went with me and I drove the new Jeep.  In our search for a new campsite along the river we came upon a location near the Steel Bridge.  This was a place that we would be able to get our vehicles in.  I drove down into this place and told Harold "  You know, I have a new Four-Wheel Drive vehicle and I would like to see what it can do."  He pointed out a step bank that will full of mud.  I declined that one but noticed that the pull-off area actually went through Wilson Creek and came out on the other side.  I decided that this would be a good test and that I was going  to conquer the river.

I started by placing the Jeep in 4-Wheel Drive LOW and slowly creeping into the river.  I go to a point that that water was as high as the top of the wheel well in front.  It was at this point that the Jeep totally cut out in the water.  I am sitting there in a complete panic, Oh No! Oh No! Oh my Goodness!  What am I going to do?  Water was seeping in around the doors and the Jeep would not restart.  A couple of kayakers came buy and sort of just paddled around the Jeep checking it out.   I jumped out and headed for the bridge.  Still thinking "Oh No!, I am in big trouble."  Harold and Max, my dog, got out and awaited my return.  Later Harold said that they stood on top of the Jeep for a while.

I found a ride to take me up to Walker's Store.  There, I found the Park Ranger and explained my dilemma.    He and a friend agreed to go back with me and see what they could do to help.  The whole time I was almost in a panic.  I had thoughts of having to call a wrecker from Lenior to come pull me out.

Upon our arrival I found that water had filled the inside of the Jeep all the way up to the bottom of the seats.  The water was about a foot higher than portrayed in this picture which I found in a Jeep brochure. The park ranger was reluctant to help because of the liability that it put on him, but his friend said he would try to pull me out.  The friend attached a 30' chain to his hitch and backed into the water with hopes of connecting to my hitch and pulling be out.  Unfortunately, he could not get far enough into the water to reach my hitch.  The whole time I have this vacant look on my face.

The Park Ranger agrees to try to get me out if I would agree to sign a waiver.  I said "I'll sign anything just please get me out of the middle of the river"  He was able to get far enough back to connect to my hitch and pull me out.  When we got to a stopping point I opened the door  and water just gushed out of the Jeep.  It took a few tries and a little Ether sprayed into the carbonator and the Jeep finally started.  

I thanked the men profusely, loaded Max and Harold in my wet car and headed home.  During the ride home I was coming up with all types of excuses for my misguided adventure.   

Men from the AMMWCT know the ending of the story.  If you are interested in "The Rest of the Story" you will have to contact me.



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