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Wilson Creek Backpacking Area

It seems like it has been a long time since we were all together.  It is a different world that we live in know from last year.  We will be plagued by different thoughts for years to come due to the events of Sept 11.  

At this years AMMWCT we had a few surprises for the year.  First of all Mark Martin is back after 2 years away.  Raymond Lewis is back after a four year hiatus and for the first time brought the second generation of Manly Men to the campout.  He brought Richard and Phillip.  We also saw Kurt for the first time in 5 or 6 years.  I wore this old wig that I had, and at times, it confused many of the guys around the fire.  They are not used to seeing me with this much hair.  Most of the time we kept moving Ray from place to place.  At one point it got tired of it, found a spot and dared us to move him again.

On Friday we had some very beautiful weather.  The sky was wonderful all day so we decided to set out in search of a possible new place to camp.  Our adventure took us to another road in this wilderness, one that we had yet to explore.  We did not know were we were going or how far it would take us.  We we were done we had traveled 40 miles and it took us 3 hours and we still did not find a place worth of being called the next Annual Manly Man Winter Camp Site.  That night Tim Fraser and I did wings and this time I did not create the famous Fireball.  Then that night we did a night hike up to the Cliffs.

On Saturday when we got up it started raining and some freezing rain.  I guess yesterday was too good to be true all weekend.  We all hustled to get the tarp up to keep things dry.  Thanks to Morris Abercrombie who brought a trailer load of wood from home.  Clark Ireland brought his burning barrel along and that was a life saver.  We pub it under the tarp and we had heat in there all day.  Because we plastic over Morris's wood we were able to keep the fire going all day.  

This year Morris was responsible for the apparel.  The group decided on Black North Face Windbreakers.  Once he received them he had them embroidered with our logo.  They look great.  In fact we are using the design from the Elder Jackets as our design for the logo of the Web-site.

We are getting ready to have a special ceremony tonight for Corry who will become an Elder.  During this Ceremony we will also acknowledge Morris and Chris Ritter as Jr. Elders.  Part of the Ceremony is the unveiling of the new AMMWCT Peace pipe.  

Other Entries from the Book

The boys from Garner came back this year.  As usual we had an awesome time.  But know it is time to go back to the real world   Kurt Reichstein

Back once again and once again we had rain.  Not to bad this time.  We should all be professionals at staying dry now.   I was inducted as and Elder on Saturday in a ceremony.  Leave it to Jim to make it a memorable one.  Along with me Morris and Chris were made Jr. Elders.  I had to wear a headdress of Indian feathers.  We had to march up to the fire crossing the Red Carpet.  Once at the fire Jim put each of us on our knees in front of a small cup of champagne.  We were instructed to pick up the cup with our teeth and drink the champagne.  Once we had bent over to pick up the cup we did not know what was going to happen next.  All of a sudden someone was pouring Champagne all over our heads. I owe you Jim!  (Don't miss the look on Corry's Face in the  picture with the other Elders)

Morris made this Official by celebrating way too much.  We also had one other celebrator on the trip that celebrated too much.  I will keep his identity confidential.  

All in All I am proud of my status and will do everything possible to complete my duties as an Elder.  Thanks Jim                           Corry Fox

One of the earliest starts for Jim and myself.  I was in Statesville by 8:15.  Jim said no stops till we get there.  We arrived at the Dead End about 11:30.  Very Few people here and it was real nice to have the camp to ourselves for a little while.  Our usual setup with tents and cooking gear.  

On Saturday my day began as usual, getting the fire going by 8:15.  It rained all day but we kept going.   Lee Head

The Deer Jerky Story

A group of us were standing around under the rain tent, we were all working on dinner and we were getting quite hunger.  At one point in the cooking stage, Lee and Cameron were side my side and some of us had been passing some Jerky around during the day.  Cameron Fraser handed Lee a foil pouch and asked him if he wanted a piece of Jerky.  Lee accepted, sticking his hand down in a somewhat sticky bag and pulling out what he thought was a piece of Jerky with some seasoning sauce on it.  Lee commence to start eating it and commenting on how good it was when Cameron let it be known that it was Dog Treat Jerky.  We all busted out laughing soooo hard.  It was real funny to see the look on Lee's face.  He really was a good sport about it.



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